Who we are

We are fully trained and equipped to provide the most accurate attendance to our clients.

Ship Agents

Mc Shipagents SARL is a shipping agency founded by Marco Ferrando (ship agent) and Luca Casazza (ship broker).

Due to the global crisis, in October 2016 the experienced professionals came together to setup a new company, implementing synergies between brokers and agents, with the aim to offer a complete service to the shipping market.

The company has been officially registered and authorized to operate by the Principality of Monaco on December 2016.
On January 2021 Marco Ferrando took full control of the company owning now the 100 pct of the shares but keeping the collaboration and synergies with Luca CASAZZA.
Our skilled personnel are fully trained and equipped to provide the most accurate attendance to our clients.

HQ and accounting are located in the heart of Principality, additionally, local operational offices are recruited with committed staff in ports of regular calls.

In all other ports we have selected a chain of sub-agents, that act locally on behalf of MCSA, and have been carefully selected based on historical business relationships. Our sub-agents maintain the same business principals as MCSA ensuring upmost confidentiality and service to the Vessel and our client.

All info is filtered and forwarded by our HQ, assuring our clients to receive updates, messages and d/a always in the same layout for a better understanding and actual round-the-clock updates.

We are pleased to announce that on the 4th of May 2023 MC ship agents was approved to commence business by the UAE  government. Our reason for opening this arm is to expand into the Middle East and make  use banking system which is more nimble than the European banks have become.

MCSA Genoa

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